what a life

this is a note I got yesterday from a dear friend of mine>

‘Apologies……Haven’t even listened to my phone messages.’

Last night I’d been doing uni work till after midnight. Because of stress on my heart I’ve been fitted with a 24 hour blood pressure monitor that kept going off every half hour even through the night so I got no sleep.

I’ve Gone right back to where I was when had the initial breakdown.

I’ve Started typing up notes at 7.30am till 10am. Then I was Off to uni for 5 consecutive hours of lectures. Drive home through peakhour traffic. In between household chores there’s the college Emails, admin, typing till 10pm.and I have Just eaten!…. Now I’ve been told by uni I’ve Got to re-apply for the job that is knocking me out and I don’t have time to do the bloody application. Only consolation is I will have money coming in but too shattered to even sleep.

Constantly being pushed to cover more lectures …. Whoever decided to get rid of the admin manager and timetables and to make 14 note takers redundant and now only 3 of usleft. .. well whoever it was should be sacked for gross incompetence….’

sounds so true of what the stress and rush the expectation the horror of work  these days.

I had a gut sicknessthat burnt as I was reading it, whilst recalling how despereate are my recollections of the awful years of it, too long in stress and accepting it as a norm, the way life had to be.

It’s not.




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