another day of pain

returned home yesterday and was so happy. I’m still lolling about in bed as the back is awful, too painful to really do much other than recuperate and as it’s tipping with rain and a short walk can wait for another day. Must say I certainly didn’t realise how much I rely on Pete to assist me. Anything in the low cupboards, the fridge, the higher cupboards, dropped items… he’s doing a wonderful job of care. Pete has been my ‘rock’ for two years and he’s always been there for me. Today I mostly do magazine puzzles  in the hope of winning money. We really need a new car and for that requires money. Thankfully I was paid out recently by bank for PIP payments but far from enough.  Pete’s put on his mack, gone to the shop, bought pecan Danish, made us coffee and now, having emptied the toilet, is organising the coal for the day. I recall there’s a pile of financial ombudsman paperwork needs completion for the still outstanding PIP’s. uugh

Sue, was carrying one of their Yorkshires that actually looked very sorry for its self. When questioned Sue explained it had been hit by a car. Anyway it seems that apart from severe bruising the little tike is fine, so he’s back in his basket recuperating. On the trip out Pete also saw two kingfishers flitting at the end of the pontoon, if only there was a way to warn them of P1000090     the little black killer cat that lives here as well.  And sweet memories of the granddaughters visit for my birthday, an overwhelming show of love.


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